3 Key Tips for Blockbuster Bonuses: Stop dragging stuff off your hard drive. Your audience is over it.

Yes or next time

I know … it really pisses you off.

It’s the endless parade of so-called bonuses you find in so many programs. That make you wonder: Are the folks selling them really concerned with your success? Or just out to shovel a bunch of stuff in your face to hoodwink you to buy?

Yep, its overwhelming, and even a turn off. But please understand: Bonuses don’t have to be a confusing parade of useless crud:

  • They CAN bring the outcomes your prospects want tantalizingly close.
  • They CAN make achieving these outcomes simpler, easier and seductively available.
  • They CAN make your prospects feel they are light years closer to the success they yearn for.

In short … your bonuses can create a big boost in sales and create breakthroughs for your clients and customers.

The question is: How do you make that happen?

The first and most crucial thing to understand is: Your bonuses are NOT something you drag off your hard drive and throw into your offer. Your prospects already have enough stuff.

Your bonuses, when properly crafted, actually make your offer more desirable (good for you!) And make your prospects’ success much easier and LESS overwhelming (good for them!)

When you’re able to pull it off, a great bonus is what often tips the scales of their buying decision to “Yes!”. Not because they get more stuff, but because they get what they want.

And to make that happen, you must ask several key questions about each bonus:

  • Does the bonus substantially increase the perceived value of your offer? In other words, is it a “Wow!” instead of a “What?!?”
  • Does it make your prospect feel like they are a substantial step closer to their success?
  • Does it solve a specific painful problem a majority of your prospects are really struggling with?
  • Does it bring a specific highly desired outcome a majority of your prospects really want within their grasp?

And if you’d love some ideas on exactly how to do that, here are four crucial keys for crafting bonuses that can send your prospect’s excitement (and your sales) through the roof:

Bonus Key #1:

Make a list of your market’s most Painful Challenges / Issues, and then tackle the biggest ones with your bonuses.

Bonuses that help remedy your prospects’ most painful challenges quickly or with less effort, not only make your product more desirable. But can create tremendous receptivity and enthusiasm for your program that translates directly to sales.

Yes, your prospects yearn to experience a better life. But what often spurs them to action is the knowledge one or more of their most persistent obstacles will be gone forever … because of your bonus.

EXAMPLE: My market finds pitching their products and programs (without feeling sleazy) a HUGE obstacle to success. So I made sure to include a simple but powerful Seductive Product Pitch Formula bonus in both my Product Seduction and Webinar Seduction courses.

Specific Bonus —> Targeted to Solve Specific Painful Problem —> Sales.

Bonus Key #2:

Make a list of your market’s most most important / treasured outcomes, and make achieving them the topic your bonuses.

Why does this work? Bonuses that support your prospects in achieving important specific outcomes quickly boost the perceived value of your product. Because our prospects just don’t want to “learn” about success. They want to experience it.

And a bonus that slashes your client’s learning curve and helps them achieve their most profoundly desired results faster is often the decider that turns a “maybe” to a “Yes!”

EXAMPLE: If your market wants to create Subject Lines that boost their email open rate, you could offer a bonus that includes 101 of your most successful subject lines, that they can adapt for their own use. Boom! Desirable outcome achieved: In seconds. Do you see how this bonus is not one that will be resented by your prospects, but treasured?

Bonus Key #3:

Craft one bonus for each session / segment of your product or program, so that it solves the primary problem your prospects encounter with that material.

This is a powerful secret to irresistible courses, because it not only helps you come up with compelling bonus ideas easily. It ensures your bonuses are seamlessly integrated with your content and the structure of your course.

EXAMPLE: For every session, segment or chapter of your product, craft one bonus that addresses and solves the biggest challenges that session brings up. In one session of my Webinar Seduction Course, we cover how to craft a webinar that sells. So one of the great bonuses we offer is a PowerPoint (PC) and Keynote (Mac) slide deck template featuring the structure that has created thousands in profits. So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just input your presentation’s unique information … and you’re ready to go.

And Yes! There’s a BONUS Bonus Key!

Break out your most desirable course components and offer them as bonuses.

Here is a secret: Just about anything you offer as a bonus could be included in the core part of your course. But here’s the problem: Components of your core course often tend to get lost or overlooked, because they are buried in the midst of all your other material.

And because many your prospects already operate on the edge of overwhelm, you don’t want to force them to fish to find the part of your program they found so valuable. They want to be able to access it at a moment’s notice.

So instead of burying them … why not showcase them?

Splitting off the most highly desirable components of your course as bonuses shines a light on them. Makes them more visible. And adds tremendous value to your offer because it shows you have focused on solving your prospects most painful problems (so their life gets easier). Instead of just throwing a bunch of stuff at them (which makes it more complex).

The big take away is this:

The “throw-it-at-the-wall-and-hope-it-sticks” school of crafting bonuses is not only a relic of the past, it’s your fast track to product disaster.

Because it’s official: Most of your prospects have been around the block at least once. They have more than enough “stuff”. And they can sniff out these turkeys faster than you can say “useless crap”.

But all that changes when EVERY bonus you offer prompts your prospects feel like they have taken a substantial step closer to their success.

Yes, this takes a little extra time. But the rewards you experience – both in sales and the fulfillment of seeing your clients succeed faster – simply can’t be described.

2 Responses to 3 Key Tips for Blockbuster Bonuses: Stop dragging stuff off your hard drive. Your audience is over it.

  1. Super helpful Rob! Always wonder what to offer as bonuses with my programs and if it makes a difference, and you’ve answered both questions. Going to try this out with my next launch!

    • Yep! Bonuses really can tip the scales between a no and a yes when you know how to create them …