Your fastest path to profit is NOT throwing the kitchen sink at
your prospects. And 'hoping" they buy. But unleashing the
passion for your products that is ALREADY inside them!

That’s your Million Dollar Turnaround. That’s Profit Seduction.

Because inside your ideal prospects … right now … is a Raging River of Desire. For the things that make their lives: Better. Richer. More lucrative.  More adventurous.  More exciting. More rewarding. More creative. More fulfilling. More vibrant.

And when you place your business smack dab in front of that onrushing torrent of passion … and position it as the fastest path to fulfill those desires:


Profit Seduction turns hype on its head by making everything you offer more compelling. More irresistible. AND more profitable. So instead of playing “Tactic Roulette” … rolling the dice and hoping something sticks …. you position your business as the gatekeeper to what your clients want most:


Because the truth is: When you roll out the red carpet on a success story that says your prospects CAN have what they want. And then show them the way to have it, not only will they never forget you. They’ll never stop working with you!

When you discover how to craft everything you do:  Your products, your launches, your webinars, your copy, your marketing, your workshops and events … 


Because when you get out in front of what your market is already rushing towards … they rush towards YOU.

And everything we do at Profit Seduction is dedicated to make all your offers irresistible. So the first thing your market thinks of when they dream of their success … is YOU!

3 Cool Quotes that Won’t Just Help You Feel Better. They’ll Help You BE Better.

Call me a Scrooge.

But I’ve always found some inspirational quotes to be the success equivalent of a shot of whiskey. You get a nice buzz … but it doesn’t last. And sometimes, there’s a crash.

Don’t get me wrong – I love inspiration as much as the next person.

But I’ve always believed inspiration is there to change you.
Not just to make you feel good for a few minutes.

I’ve always believed if you aren’t moved to take the action the inspiration suggests, it becomes just another addiction. Another cheap high. Something else you need another hit of to get by. Instead of something that breaks you through, and moves you beyond the challenge it was designed to dissolve.

I dig quotes that do more than “inspire” or make you feel good. I dig quotes that:

  1. Take you deeper and make you think.
  2. Shine a light on something that’s been getting in your way.
  3. Open the door to moving beyond it, so you can start creating what you want. Instead of settling.

So here are three that just didn’t make my day brighter, but actually moved me to see things differently, so I can do things differently … and I’ve got a hunch they just might do the same thing for you:

If you see someone who flames out early in their business, there is a good chance this is the reason. The aura of “instant success” is sexy. It can also be deadly to your dreams by prompting you to believe you can fly before you can.

Over and over, start-ups and beginning entrepreneurs either try something way over their heads. Or are crushed when something they try for the first time isn’t a smashing success.

You can create success by accident. But you can’t sustain it by accident. Start where you are. Don’t overextend yourself. Set yourself up for success by shooting for goals you can succeed at, instead of goals you use as excuses when you don’t reach them.

There is a difference between investing and throwing your money at a problem.

Investing is a path that is thought out in advance, where there is a specific goal in a specific time frame that creates a specific result with a huge impact. So if you don’t reach it, you can figure out why and make corrections so you do.

When you throw money at a problem, hope is your strategy. And because you don’t have a plan, when hope fizzles you have not only lost money (which you can get back) and lost time (which you can’t get back). You’re simply lost, because you don’t know what went wrong and how to fix it.

Having a budget telling your money specifically where you want it to go and what you want it do and accomplish, puts your own talent and determination in the driver’s seat. Instead of the ebb and flow of circumstance, your feelings, or wishful thinking.

Make no mistake … when movie scripts are written, there is a specific actor the writer has in mind to play the lead.

In the same way, when your ideal client is looking for someone to lead them to their goals, they also have a specific lead in mind. So … if you want them to cast you as the lead in their success story, you have to be very specific about the impact you create for them.

  • Not “transformation” … a specific transformation.
  • Not “the life of their dreams” … a specific dream they can’t do without.
  • Not “whatever they want to achieve” … the one thing they want most.

Something you’re awesome at. That you specialize in. So when they’re playing the success movie in their heads, they know exactly who is by their side every step of the way: YOU.

You would be shocked to know that sometimes, the ONLY thing standing between you and the success you yearn for is a decision about the SPECIFIC way you lead your clients to the specific dream they yearn for. And the commitment to make it happen.

Pitch Perfect: 4 keys to awesome seductive sales conversations that close [ AND a cool free sign to boot! ]

No matter what avenue or tactic you choose to build your business, at some point you hit that brick wall called sales.

Whether you’re doing webinars, video, social media, speaking (or you name it), at some point it comes time to do that icky thing you just can’t bring yourself to do: Close.

Isn’t there a way to be able to have all the clients you want without having to “make them buy”?

I have a surprise answer for you:
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