When the Truth Plops a Big One in Your Lap: How to stop passing your perfect message by, and ride it all the way to the bank

I see it everyday: Entrepreneurs struggling with their message.

Yep, that might even be you.

Cause that’s the Holy Grail, isn’t it? That golden, concise explanation of the impact you and your business have that makes your ideal prospects  stand up. Take notice. Get some serious religion on talking to you, pronto. And of course … signing up to work with you in droves.

The problem is, many of you are running right over your message. And you don’t even know it.

Well, if you’re finally ready to put an end to that once and for all … here’s the plan:

If you finally want to talk about what you do, so people GET what you do (and more importantly so they get what you can do FOR THEM), here’s one sentence that will change everything:

Once you get it … you got it.

Because as much as you’re complaining you can’t get your elevator speech or message down, and you can’t find just the right words to talk about your business so people want your business …

… chances are, at one point you nailed it.

Because I’ve seen you: At workshops, coaching sessions or on Facebook. Someone offers a suggestion that lights you up in that special way that lets you know … this is it!

The problem is, for some odd reason you didn’t understand that that was ‘the one’.

Because the very next chance you get, you go looking for it again. It’s like the teenage boy who finally finds the “perfect girl”, only to start the search for the more perfect girl the very next day.

All this ends when you remember:

Once you get it … you got it.

Understand this: You don’t have to find a new message for everything you do. The right message isn’t a one trick pony. It works in everything:

  • It works in headlines
  • It works in subject lines
  • It works in your banners at sponsorships and expos
  • It works in your signature talks
  • It works in your networking
  • It works in your webinars
  • It works in your live events and workshops
  • It works in your enrollment discussions with prospects
  • It works in your Facebook ads

It works in just about every marketing context you can imagine. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. But you gotta understand:

Once you get it … you got it.

And stop looking to reinvent that message every time you have the chance to spread it.

It’s as if Tony Bennett sang, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” once, and then asked, “OK, now what do I sing?” It’s as if Steve Jobs created iPhone 1 and said, “That was nice. Now what do I make?” Instead of coming out with iPhone 2 … and 3 … and 4 …

Now why is it so important to understand this? It’s because when the truth plops a big ‘ol gift (like that great message) in your lap, and you don’t run with it, the truth is not only gonna up and leave. But it’s gonna take your message and find someone else to gift it to.

And the big reason someone else is making a ton of money with “your message” (while you’re not) is that they took it and ran with it. And you didn’t.

So … if you’d like OFF of that treadmill, once and for all, here’s some guidelines for ‘ya:


Your message is not some cool new designer drug, that gives you an electric high, only to force you to search for another one. Your message is forever.


In order to make your message forever, when it descends on you and makes you feel warm and gooey all over … that’s your signal to run with it.


Sure … it might be kinda fun to sleep around with a bunch of different messages for awhile. But its exhausting. It gets old. And you’re gonna get a slutty reputation with the messages that are out there floating around, looking for someone to get serious about them.


And just like a great relationship, a great message can take some work to keep the thrill alive. But honestly, if you want to make some real money, its the only game in town.

Look, coming up with a great message that really embodies what’s unique and brilliant about you isn’t easy. Understood. But a bunch of you are really driving yourself through hell by believing you have to come up with some new, earthshaking message for everything you do. But you don’t.

Because once you get it … you got it.

So when you feel that click, and that smile washes over you, and your ideal prospects are responding … that’s it. You’re home. And with your instant recognition, big authority, “where have you been all my life?” message in your back pocket, you can now go forth and attract those perfect customers and clients and are looking for you RIGHT NOW into your tribe, into your products, and into your programs.

8 Responses to When the Truth Plops a Big One in Your Lap: How to stop passing your perfect message by, and ride it all the way to the bank

  1. This is an awesome message! Love the example sharing. Tony Bennett’s song, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” was my late father’s all-time favorite song. Made me smile.

  2. Absolutely, Rob! My favorite quote – “Understand this: You don’t have to find a new message for everything you do. The right message isn’t a one trick pony. It works in everything…”
    Everything you create – your webinars, signature talks, networking pitch, newsletter articles – EVERYTHING…these are just different “vehicles” for delivering your message. The message itself remains the same, and “Once you get it, you’ve got it!”
    Yet another piece of brilliant, time-saving advice from you, Rob Schultz! Thank you!