Video Discovery #11 of 2009: Show Your Customers What’s Possible

Sometimes the best examples are not individual videos but collections of videos used in a strategic way to catapult viewership, interest and, of course, profits! Today’s video discoveries, in the Number 11 slot, are actually two entrepreneurs who have used their YouTube Channel (like a home page where all your videos are displayed on one page) in very targeted strategic ways to:

  • Establish their expertise and market pre-eminence
  • Boost desire for what they offer
  • Show prospects how to benefit from what they offer

Not just to sell them. But to show them how to experience greater enjoyment or results in their lives through their offerings.

Example 1: Mark Criley Drawing Tutorials

Mark uses these drawing tutorials not only to show other aspiring artists how to create their own manga-style characters, but to increase interest in his MIki Falls graphic novel series.


  • Notice the clarity of the audio (Key: Really, really bad audio is a bigger turn off than really really bad video).
  • Notice how simple his videos are – When you are talking about something people are already very interested in, you don’t need alot of bells and whistles.
  • Notice how his videos establish his credentials so you are very comfortable in buying from him.

Example 2: Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics

Eyes Lips Face is a cosmetics company that provides young women with affordable cosmetics. So it wouldn’t make sense to have some hoytee toydee fashion model doing the demo, would it?


Notice how the spokes model is attractive but accessible, someone any teen age girl could relate to.

Notice how all the videos are short and to the point to accomodate teen-age attention spans (this 4-minute video is actually one of the longest ones. Many are around a minute).

Notice how the videos sell with subtlety, focusing primarily on the benefits and value of the product. And also how easy it is to use the product to make yourself look beautiful.

Notice how the homemade quality of the video actually boosts the connection the video makes.

While there is a good chance you are not an artist or selling cosmetics, I would urge you to take the lessons here VERY seriously. Often the best marketing secrets come from outside your niche, because they are unexpected, and appear fresh and exciting: A huge key to breaking through jaded expectations.

4 Responses to Video Discovery #11 of 2009: Show Your Customers What’s Possible

  1. Rob,
    I discovered you via Donna Kozik – Love the tips you illumonate here. You are right about absorbing best practices from outside industries. Thanks for this helpful resource!
    Amy (On twitter @LotusAmy)

    • Thanks Amy! Fresh marketing is quite appealing and when you are stumped how to stand out, often its helps to get outside your industry. There are great models and ideas everywhere!

  2. Great point–a bit harder to figure out how to apply this to my topic (writing) but maybe demonstrating some brainstorming techniques…or how to improve a weak bit of dialogue.