The Dream Lifts the Sale: Why you don’t need to be a great writer to write copy that sells. And the 3 things you do need to send your revenue through the roof


There’s a big fallacy too many entrepreneurs fall for. And that is:

To write great copy for your business, you have to be a great writer.

Now while I’m sure it helps, the foundation of creating copy that gets people to buy relies less on your ability to turn a phrase. And more on your ability to determine exactly what the folks you are here to serve want most.

And then positioning your brilliance as the most direct path for them to get it.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, who finds themselves struggling to close sales, enroll clients and forge a life (instead of eke out a living) there’s a great chance you’re making this fundamental mistake.

Because the fact is:

  • If you are offering a truly powerful outcome …
  • That your best prospects already want like crazy …
  • That delivers them from challenges that have been haunting them for years …
  • And delivers them to a future they passionately yearn for …

… and if you are able to articulate that, in your emails, your opt-in pages and your sales pages …

… you are set. For life.

The problem is: There’s a good chance no one ever told you how to do this. Until now.

If you would love to stop wondering why your prospects don’t hire you, and start counting your cash and changing the lives of the many folks who start hiring you, these three ideas will be a lifesaver:

1.  Stop Focusing on What You Do, And Focus on What You Make Possible

Clients who work with me are always asking me, “Rob how do I talk about what I do?” And are always shocked when I answer, “I can’t imagine a bigger waste of time than talking about what you do.”


Because your clients don’t care what you do. Even the ones who say they love you. (Especially the ones who say they love you!)

But there is something they care passionately about, which is the real reason they love you: What you make possible. Those outcomes and specific opportunities you help them to experience and enjoy, that no one else was able to help them experience.

And if you’re struggling with money and sales right now, there’s a 95% percent chance you’re making this crucial mistake. Because the thing you are most focused on (what you do) is the thing the folks with the money to pay you are least interested in.

The good news is: It’s an easy problem to solve.

Simply stop talking about what you do (the process, the steps, how it works) and talk about what you make possible.

It’s not that your process / steps / system aren’t valuable. It’s just that your clients won’t pay for it until you can show them it will lead them to their own personal Promised Land.

The vision of THEIR Promised Land (not yours), and your ability to describe how you can help them live it (when no one else can) is what gets you paid.

But the crucial thing you MUST understand, to not only stay in business but thrive, is you must sell your ability to take them to the OUTCOME they want, before you get the opportunity to guide them through the process necessary to get there.

It sounds simple. But it works like magic.

2. Take them All the Way, (and stop hiding behind jargon)

Oh, how we coaches, mentors and consultants LOVE jargon!

  • We help our clients “live the life of their dreams!”
  • We help them “take a stand for their highest possibility!”
  • We help them gain “clarity, confidence and a positive outlook!”
  • We help them realize they have “infinite possibilities!”
  • We help them “unleash their inner knower!”

The problem is our clients could care less about most of these. Because these are all intermediate steps. And they are ONLY valuable to the extent that they make the real specific outcomes your clients do want possible:

  • Your clients don’t want clarity, confidence or a positive outlook … they want the outcomes clarity, confidence and a positive outlook make possible.
  • They don’t want infinite possibility … they want the one possibility that makes them feel infinite.
  • They don’t want to “live the life of their dreams”. (Surprise!) They want to live the ONE DREAM the would change everything if only they could make it real.

That’s what they’re waiting for. That’s what they will spend money on.

Yeah, I know it’s scary to own your authority, your talent and your expertise, and put the outcomes you help create front and center. But it’s a lot scarier not to be able to pay your bills. And unless you step out and start doing the first, you’re going to suffer for years dealing with the second.

So stop hiding behind jargon. And commit yourself to messaging and helping your clients achieve outcomes they would give everything to experience.

3. The Dream Lifts the Sale

So it’s time to focus on what you make possible for your clients. And to stop hiding behind jargon … and message loud and clear the one specific dream you help your clients experience.


  • Number one (and most important) because that’s what your clients want.
  • Number two (and most important for your bank account) is that it’s the Dream that Lifts the Sale.

What does that mean?

It means: If your clients are holding back paying you what you want, either:

1. You’re not offering a big enough dream.
2. You’re not articulating your business as the Gateway to that Dream.
3. They don’t want the dream badly enough.

While you can’t do anything about #3. You can do tons about 1 and 2. By getting specific about the ONE DREAM you’re an expert in helping them experience. And by messaging just how much they get to experience by working with you, you will find yourself working with a heck of a lot more of them.

Because the Dream Lifts the Sale.
The bigger and more profound the outcome you offer, the more you can
charge for it. And the more people will gladly pay for it.

Because people find the money to pay for their dreams. In fact, it’s the ONLY thing they truly will go to any length to find the money for.

And the bigger the dream you’re willing to frame as the result of working with you … the more they will pay to work with you. And the less kicking and screaming they will do on the way there.

Bottom Line:

There is almost nothing that will turn your business fortunes around faster than putting these three ideas into action. The good news is … you don’t have to be a master literary genius to make it happen.

Because once you understand your prospects aren’t buying your stuff, they’re buying a faster path to what they want most, you can start offering that … and watch your response rate skyrocket.

Because that’s what great copy is truly about: Creating desire for what you offer by positioning what you offer as the gateway to their dreams. And positioning you as the guide that can take them to their own personal Promised Land.

And when you are able to master this on a consistent basis,
something amazing happens:

The objections fall away. The money to pay you is discovered and mobilized. And everyone is happy because everyone is served.

Because the bigger the outcome … the bigger the income. And you can take that to the bank.





8 Responses to The Dream Lifts the Sale: Why you don’t need to be a great writer to write copy that sells. And the 3 things you do need to send your revenue through the roof

  1. Thanks, Rob. This is timely. Like others, I’m sure, I fall into that “default” of forgetting all of this. Have printed it out and have it posted where I can see it–all the time. I so appreciate your brilliance!

  2. I must say this post is better than most popular posts about writing great copy!
    I wish I had read this two years earlier. Thanks so much, Rob.

    • You’re welcome Glorie! This is really key not just to great copy, but copy that prompts your prospects to buy your offers because they are genuinely excited about them.