“If you’re finally ready to stop the excuses and delays, roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to seriously accelerate your success … this is for you!”

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar:

  • You know your stuff is good.
  • You know your stuff has impact.
  • You know your stuff changes lives.

But for some reason, your prospects just haven’t gotten the memo.

In a perfect world, being good would be good enough: To make the money you want. To have your unique gifts be valued and sought after, so you could literally write your own ticket.

But in the world we live in, there’s one more thing you need. And without it, you’re destined to continue to:

  • Pour your heart and soul into the black hole of your business, with little or nothing to show for it.
  • Continue to receive compliments instead of credit cards. In spite of how “amazing!” people say you are.
  • Continue to feel like something is missing. Even with all the trainings, courses and events you’ve taken.
  • And continue to wonder why you see folks with equal or lesser talent and ability hitting it out of the park, while you struggle.

But what if there were a simple but powerful way to turn it all around?
So your ideal prospects want you like crazy?

  • So they VALUE the heck out of what you offer.
  • So they FEEL they can’t live without you.
  • So they see your offers as the Gateway to Their Dreams.

And most important of all … they PAY YOU accordingly.

I’m Rob Schultz. And if this sounds a lot better than what you’ve got going now, and you’re interested in seriously accelerating your success, here’s a word that will change your world:


  • Because while we hate to be sold to – we LOVE to be seduced.
  • Because seduction starts with what your prospects ALREADY want, you’re halfway to “Yes!” before you speak a single word.
  • Because seduction puts your prospects DREAM front and center – they see your gifts, your genius and your offer as the fastest path to get there.

So instead of desperately chasing after clients … they come running after you.

And when you learn to leverage seduction in your products, your launches, your presentations, your marketing and your messaging, they money you’ve been missing finally starts pouring in. And you finally get to live the life that, until now. has passed you by.


The problem is, there hasn’t been a proven path to make that happen in your business … until now!


For just a few entrepreneurs and business owners who are truly dedicated to their success. Who are ready to stop the excuses and delays, roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to achieve their ultimate dream …

… I am accepting a handful of additional clients into my Profit Seduction Private Mentorship Program.  Its a powerful one-on-one mentor program that leads you to an alternate universe of profit and success.

Its true individual attention … me and you. Working towards the
most seductive projects that can have the biggest impact
on your profits. Your success.  And your life.

Imagine, just for a moment:

  • You had a crystal clear message and a powerful promise that drove clients to your door?
  • You could create stunning growth quickly, because you only invested time & energy in ventures that were PERFECT for you? And had the maximum potential impact on your bottom line?
  • You stopped trying to master all the ‘magic bullets’ and instead discovered the MOTHER SHIP that finally forges your profit breakthrough?
  • And instead of constantly running after clients, you REVERSED THE CHASE. So they began seeking you out and paying what you’re worth?

This is just the start of what Profit Seduction can do for you. And if you are one of the few clients I work with privately, it can revolutionize your business, creating legendary profits that power the life YOU WANT.


So … what are just a few of the things we can
accomplish when we work together?

  • We can create your Revenue Rush Webinar or Teleseminar Launch Plan. To build presentations that don’t just deliver pats on the back. But put cash in your wallet.
  • We can craft your Seductive Signature Speaking Plan that powers big-time sales and incredible client conversion rates from your live talks.
  • We can build your Seductive Strategy Session Formula: So you can stop over-coaching your strategy sessions, and skyrocket your close rate.
  • We can nail down Your Own Seductive Signature Close, to fill your client roster and programs (even if you hate to sell!)
  • We can forge Seductive Signature Products that are an exact match for what you do best and what your clients want most.

And above all … we can craft seductive offers that are:

  • Instantly, magnetically attractive
  • That prompt your prospects to CRAVE the powerful outcomes your product delivers
  • That carve out a unique identity in the marketplace that makes you the only choice.

And position your unique talents and skills as the fastest path to what they want.


The Profit Seduction Private Mentorship is for you if:

  • You are committed to making a massive revenue leap over the next 12-18 months.
  • You’re ready to throw out your laundry list of all the crap you’ve been told you “have to do” to be profitable. And instead, focus on the few proven avenues that open the revenue floodgates.
  • You’re ready to stop learning stuff because its cool, and start applying only what will pay off big.
  • You are focused on ONLY the things that deliver the business you want, and willing to leave EVERYTHING else behind. (Yep, you’re probably making this a lot harder than it needs to be).

On the other hand, its probably NOT your ticket if:

  • You’re always finding one more thing you “have to learn” before you can move ahead.
  • Your fear is bigger than your desire for your Dream.
  • You find yourself saying things like, “I know I really need to do [ fill in the blank ], but … “ And not doing it.
  • Learning a lot of stuff is more important to you than taking action.
  • You believe you have to be “ready” to be successful.
  • You’re more interested in jumping from idea to idea, instead of cashing in on your Bold Seductive Profit Path.

And finally: This program is not for you if you’re still playing around with the idea of your own seductive, successful business. And you’re not willing to commit to making it happen. You’re not willing to see just how far you can go, and you believe you have to be “ready” before you can go there.


So … if this is starting to sound exciting. (Better yet, if it started to sound exciting 10 minutes ago), here is all you need to do:

  • Drop me an email at Rob (at) ProfitSeduction.com.
  • Request an application by putting “Profit Seduction Mentorship Program” in the subject line.
  • Fill out the application when it arrives in your inbox. It should take you 10-15 minutes tops.
  • Get it back to us. The sooner the better. The available spots really are limited.

If it looks like we’re not a match (yep, it happens) I’ll let you know politely and respectfully. Maybe even with a referral to someone who I feel is better for you.

But if I feel I can help you … I’ll get back to you with an invite to schedule a private Profit Seduction Jump Start Session where we’ll hop on the phone and take a look at where you want to go.  And how the Profit Seduction Mentorship Program can support you to get there! And if we both agree this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for … Yowza! You’ll be welcomed into the program, and we’ll set up our first session, roll up our sleeves and get to work.


So … if it’s finally time to leave “someday” behind (where it belongs), discover how to position your products and programs as the fastest path to what your prospects yearn for  AND craft the seductive powerful “OMG! Offers” that lead to powerful “OMG Profits!”… request your mentorship application now! Just drop us an email to me at Rob (at) ProfitSeduction.com.

Being good is a great start. But if it’s finally time to create big cash from your genius that rewards you again and again, I’d love to support you all the way there!