If You Don’t Buy It, Neither Will They: Stop pretending you don’t know what you’re talking about. And finally admit that you do.

It’s the final step entrepreneurs take before they experience their breakthrough to success.

  • No, it isn’t a launch.
  • It isn’t a monster Facebook presence. Or a hot podcast.
  • It isn’t even about creating an amazing product. Or the webinar that sells it.


Clue: The missing link is the one thing that makes all these possible.

It’s authority.

Because even when I help someone craft an amazing message that gets their prospects raving … they won’t reap the rewards until they fully step into and own the authority that message conveys.

Yep, you guessed it! Oprah doesn’t call until you have something worth talking about. And you don’t have something worth talking about unless YOU recognize you have something worth talking about FIRST.

Bummer!  You thought you were going to get discovered by some famous person so you could get rich, and have worldwide exposure and a massive impact — by accident.

Well, it doesn’t work that way:


You don’t get the rewards of taking a stand for your market until you actually take a stand for your market. Until you step out and are willing to say, “Hey guys! Over here! Let’s get this done!”

Imagine how different history would be if, instead of saying “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free!”, the inscription on the Statue of Liberty said, “You know I think we might be able to get this freedom thing accomplished for you. But gosh, every person is different and I don’t know if it will quite work for you … but maybe we can give it a try.”

Kinda lame, huh?

Now before you tell me, “But Rob, I don’t want to give a guarantee!” Understand:


In other words … owning your authority isn’t about you. It’s about them. It’s like a lighthouse:  You’re simply shining a light so they can navigate their way home, without crashing on the rocks. They still have to do the navigation. But they can’t do it without you guiding the way.

This also isn’t about making a big deal out of yourself. Or promising things you can’t deliver. It’s about understanding there is something you can deliver right now that can change someone’s life. And they’re never going to know about it unless you let them know about it.

It’s about making a big deal out of the impact you can have, and the difference you can make. Not because you think you can do it … but because you know you can.


Here’s what I see over and over with entrepreneurs who get right to the edge of success — but end up struggling (and don’t know why): They haven’t taken this final step. They haven’t stepped forth with clarity and confidence so everyone who you have the unique ability to help knows with unbridled certainty:  The bridge across their own personal canyon is what you offer.

Get it? It’s not about you. It’s about making sure they know that your unique ability is what finally gets them to the other side of the river … when all the other boats they tried foundered and sank.

And if that’s making your knees wobble a bit, consider this:

Every eight years here in the States (and sometimes every four) we elect someone to become (arguably) the most powerful person on the planet. And they’ve never done the job before! And not only do we not even bat an eye … we do it over and over!

And if they are able to figure it out … so will you.

Because here’s the final word on authority — if you don’t buy it, neither will they. If you don’t believe it, they will find someone else who will. If you’re not willing to guide them to the shore they’ll pass you by.

So stop already with the “Aw shucks!” false humility. Stop with the fears about “I can’t guarantee their success!” (Easy solution: Just don’t say the word guarantee). And stop wondering why your ship hasn’t come in when you know darn well you’re the one who isn’t shining your light bright enough to guide it in.

And start owning your value. Owning your authority. And being the one who can change everything for the folks who are looking for you right now. It’s not about becoming better than you are. It’s about being exactly who you are.

And putting that out there without apologies, so the folks you are destined to help, get that help.

11 Responses to If You Don’t Buy It, Neither Will They: Stop pretending you don’t know what you’re talking about. And finally admit that you do.

  1. “Yep, you guessed it! Oprah doesn’t call until you have something worth talking about.”

    So, Oprah called … and I DUCKED THE CALL. Yes, really. Because I was afraid to be seen. And that’s the beginning of my hero’s journey; the arc from hiding to showing up (okay, showing up AND shining.) And THAT’S what I help my clients do too. Stop hiding, start showing up and making the kind of splash they were meant to make.

    Which means my perfect clients are the people right on the cusp – they want to put their business or their idea or their cause out into the world AND they’ve been holding back. (They make other, bigger speaking coaches impatient, not that I’m naming any names …)

    Marketing efforts for the New Year are based on that. What do you think, Rob?

    • Hey Catherine … wow, this is juicy! Here is what I’d say:

      So … what is “the kind of splash they were meant to make?” What does that look like?
      So … they are “right on the cusp” …. Right on the cusp of what?
      And … “they want to put their business or their idea or their cause out into the world” … so they can … ????

      What are the specific outcomes you help them experience?
      When you get specific, you get paid.

      This is a great start … specifics will bring it home.