“One ring to rule them all”: How ‘The Lord of the Rings’ can help you make more money with a lot less sweat

Even if you’re not a “Lord of the Rings” geek, you still might recognize “One ring to rule them all” as the signature line from the classic book and movie trilogy.

But what you probably won’t recognize is: Buried within that one line is the key that can help you avoid a fatal flaw that could turn your hope for success into horror.

What am I talking about?

This “one ring” was at the center of the plot of Lord of the Rings. It contained a dark power that in the hands of the Dark Lord Sauron could be used for dominating everyone in Middle Earth.


So the focus of the entire trilogy, more or less, is the story of destroying the ring to keep that from happening.

So what does this have to do with your success this coming year?

The key is hiding in plain sight … can you see it?

While the telling of the story required hundreds of pages, scores of crazy characters, tribes, plot twists and (for the movies) almost $300 million dollars in production costs,

What drove the drama …

… what held readers’ and viewers’ interest across three lengthy novels, and the movies which spread out over several years …

… was this one singular driving point:

Sauron + Ring = Bad. Very Bad.
Ring destroyed = Yay! Very big Yay!

Your problem as an entrepreneur, is your plan for success doesn’t have one singular driving point. It doesn’t have one focus. It doesn’t have a simple goal that can deliver everything you want.

So unlike Lord of the Rings, it will most likely not be successful. And it most likely will drive you nuts.

Because entrepreneurs tend to fall in love with tactics. So their Success Plan tends to look like:

  • Hot freebie
  • Cool funnel
  • Sexy Webinar
  • Hot Podcast
  • Facebook Live!
  • Killer Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Blog
  • Awesome launch!

In other words … a laundry list of tactics.

But do you see what’s missing? The one singular driving point. The singular focus. The tent pole that not only organizes this jungle of tactics into a lean mean money-making machine.

But can help you see you don’t need all those tactics to achieve your next big breakthrough.

In fact, that jungle of tactics is actually what’s keeping you from your one big breakthrough.

Because without that tent pole, that “one ring to rule them all” … the only thing your tactic laundry list will do is hang you out to dry.

If I had a dime for every entrepreneur I’ve seen fall into this trap, I could … well, you get the picture.

So the key question to ask is not:

How many cool bright shiny objects can I pack into the next year? How many more “hot sexy next tactics” can I master (before they’re proven)? And what new bandwagon can I jump on?


What is YOUR one ring to rule them all?
What ONE THING could you make the centerpiece of your next year that would take you where you want to go?

That if you focused on it exclusively, would take you the farthest with the least amount of effort? That is perfect for where you are in your business, right now?

Because the key is you don’t need to know everything. The key is you need to know the one thing that will take you the farthest, the fastest, right now.

It may sound crazy but I’ve known quite a few people who hit six-figures in their business in a little over a year with lists of less than 500.

But it’s actually not so crazy. Because instead of trying to build their list so they can do all kinds of other crazy stuff, they focused on their one ring to rule them all.

That would give them cash NOW so they could then invest in building their list.

Instead of struggling to build their list and being broke.

Now I’m not saying building your list is bad. In fact, it’s essential. What I’m saying is there is a time and a place for everything. And that the key to success is not trying to learn everything.

But identifying YOUR “one ring to rule them all”, for where you are in your business. And learn ONLY those tactics that you need to make that happen.

The first time I hit six figures, I was focused on only two primary tactics. And my continued success has not been driven by going nutso now that I have some money to invest.

But by keeping things simple and focused.

Even as I look ahead towards this year my pivotal business building keys still focus on just two areas.

So … take a lesson from lots of successful entrepreneurs. And from the $2.9 billion (yes, that’s billion with a B) the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy brought in:

The fortune is in the focus.

Stop driving yourself insane and to the brink of exhaustion learning tactic after tactic. And ride the “Simple Train” all the way to the bank.







4 Responses to “One ring to rule them all”: How ‘The Lord of the Rings’ can help you make more money with a lot less sweat

    • Super Moira! It really does help to focus on those few avenues that deliver the greatest profit. It really does simplify things.