My Most Important Post of 2016 [ In fact it might be my most important post ever ]


This is a blog post I have been wanting to write for a very long time. That details what I believe is the very future of my company.

Right now, at Profit Seduction, we’re gearing up to release something that we’ve been actively planning for over six months … that you’ve been clamoring for from the first time we launched our Flagship Webinar Seduction Program back in June of 2014.

But before we get to that … I need to get something off my chest.

Because while our company is now headed for our 7th straight year of revenue growth, and our 4th year in a row above six-figures, too many of you have not experienced breakthroughs of your own.

It’s a gripe I have about our industry.

Chances are, if you’ve been trying to earn a living online, or with your own business, it’s something you know all too well.

  • It keeps you locked in the endless “hope / disappointment” cycle.
  • It keeps you forever mired in “chasing mode” … where as soon as you learn about one “sure thing” tactic, another hops up to take it’s place.
  • It keeps you jumping from one possibility to the next. So you become addicted to the “possibility”. Instead of experiencing the rewards they promise.

And it keeps you confused and asking yourself, “Why isn’t this working for me?”

Now understand … I have nothing against tactics.

I have made a ton of money from them. And I teach them as well. The thing I’ve discovered is that tactics alone aren’t enough, if they don’t also include the single core component which is responsible for the success of all tactics … across the board.

Whether you are talking about:

  • Launches
  • Products
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Copy
  • Speaking

Or any other profit-producing avenue … there is one key that’s fundamental to the success – or failure – you experience with it.

And unfortunately, if you miss it, that avenue becomes another to add to the “Why won’t this work for me?” scrap heap, no matter how much you work do, or how precisely you follow the steps.

What’s worse, is most offerings completely bypass this key, hope you discover it by accident, or do such a poor job of explaining it that you can’t apply it.

It’s the reason why, even though we have unprecedented access to tools we couldn’t have even dreamed of a few years ago, they haven’t made our lives easier. In fact many of them have made things more overwhelming by giving us more to do, without giving us anything in return.

Because tactics, tools or technology by themselves don’t deliver profits.

Please read that again … because it’s at the root of most of your profit problems.

And since tactics, tools and technology are easier to sell, that’s what gets sold. And that’s what you buy. Instead of the key driver that key makes the tactic, tool or technology successful.

You simply can’t just throw a tactic at the wall, and hope it sticks. But must create the craving for what you offer, so your prospects demand what you offer. And BUY what you offer.

Because the truth is: Desire Drives Dollars.

  • It’s what makes launches launch
  • It’s what makes your opt-ins convert
  • It’s what drives your list growth and response to everything you offer.

And most important: It’s what drives your revenue through the roof. Helps you to get to “Yes!” quickly, instead of having to sweat for every single sale.  And ensures once you have a successful business, you have the sanity to enjoy it.

Which brings me back to what I mentioned right at the top of this blog post … what we’ve been working on, quietly, behind the scenes, for the last six months.

It comes closer to realizing the true promise of Profit Seduction than anything we’ve ever done. Because it gives you the ability to infuse the “Gotta Have It” factor into everything you offer. So it’s seductive. Irresistible.

And more importantly … it sells. Like you’ve always wanted your stuff to sell.

And unlike our past offerings (as powerful as they are) it allows you to experience this difference on an ongoing basis, month after month, with my support. And the support of a powerful community of other entrepreneurs making the same discoveries.

So everyone gets to elevate thier business … together.

And to make it possible for just about any of you to jump in, we’re introducing this new avenue with something we’ve never offered before: An unprecedented Founding Member Opportunity that puts the power of crafting seductive offers that create the craving for everything you do ….

… within reach of just about everyone.

It’s something we’re excited about, and quite honestly nervous about.
Because you’ve been asking for this for a long time.

Growing a business takes a ton of focus. And to do it right, we’ve sacrificed speed and size for always aiming for an “out of this world” quality and value target. Because I’ve always wanted everything we offer to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

So I’m hoping the wait hasn’t cooled your desire for what we’re about to release, or your passion for what it can do for you.

So we will be announcing the specific details tomorrow. And I believe when you see those details, you’ll understand why it took so long to bring this vision to reality. You’ll understand why I believe it can have such an impact on your future.

I also believe you’ll be very pleasantly surprised how accessible
we’ve made this for just about everyone.

And I would love to see you become part of it. Because you’re the folks positioned to benefit from it the most. You’re part of the select group I’ve identified as the cream of the crop to become part of this new venture.

And tomorrow … I’ll be introducing your golden opportunity to do just that.

7 Responses to My Most Important Post of 2016 [ In fact it might be my most important post ever ]

  1. Well, so far, you’re creating a great desire to find out what the heck you’re going to offer! I know what I want – I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if what you offer is a match!

  2. Sooner or later I’ve actually got to finally go through the PS training I purchased. I wonder what this will be…