The End of “Vanilla Messaging”: Stop being held back by your haters

Are you struggling with “meh” messaging?

You know: By the time the stuff that sounds so great in your head makes it to your emails, videos, opt-in pages and offers it just sounds … so vanilla.

I know it’s frustrating. But there is a simple explanation:

You’re being held back by your haters.

Held back by all the folks (either real or in your head) who go out of their way to find something wrong with what you offer, regardless of how amazing it is.

And by all the folks who will say you can’t do what you know is not only possible. But is accomplished over and over by the folks who follow your lead.

Well, I’m going to give you one piece of advice that will not only free you forever from the need to satisfy them, but make you a lot more profitable and you a lot more happy:

Write to your dreamers. Not your doubters.

You want to write that down and tape it to the wall next to your computer.

  • Because your dreamers are the ones who are searching for you right now.
  • Your dreamers are the ones you don’t have to convince … because they’re already wanting to get on your bus.
  • Your dreamers are the one’s whose eyes widen and heartbeats quicken every time an email from you lands in their in box.

But more importantly for them (and for YOU):

Your dreamers are the only ones you will ever work with and help.

Because they are the only ones willing to do what it takes to have what they want.

The only ones willing to put all their energy into finding ways to have it, rather than finding reasons why they can’t.

And the only ones who realize the fastest path to what they want most runs through you.

Because there are four big differences between your dreamers and your doubters:

1. Your dreamers WANT to be led.

They’re not looking to pick you apart. They realize if they could have gotten what they wanted by themselves they already would have. And they’re looking for someone to LEAD them, so they can experience the results they want faster. Instead of someday.

2. Your dreamers WANT you to be amazing.

Your dreamers aren’t standing there with a checklist or a clipboard, looking down their nose, waiting to bust you for that one time you slip up. Your dreamers want you to succeed wildly. Because when you nail it … so do they.

3. Your dreamers WANT to believe.

  • Your dreamers aren’t searching for reasons why they can’t. So they will.
  • Your dreamers aren’t stockpiling excuses. Because they’d rather have success than justifications.
  • Your dreamers aren’t looking for perfection. They’re just looking for someone to hold open the door to their dream so they can walk on through.

4. Your dreamers WANT you to message your full impact.

They’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid of putting what they do out there in a big way, who can match their own desire to achieve success with inspiration, confidence and conviction. Who know that when you can make it happen, it isn’t hype.

Your dreamers don’t want you to apologize for your impact. They’re looking for you to make it available to them in a big way, so they can use it in their lives in a big way.

Understand that your doubters aren’t demons.
(Even thought they may act that way).
They’re just not your people.

And because of that, you shouldn’t spend a second worried your messaging will send them off in a snit. The less time you spend worrying about the folks you’re not here to serve, the more time, energy and focus you can devote to the folks you are here to serve.

And the less time you spend watering down your message so it’s acceptable to those who will never buy, ensures it will connect with and inspire the the folks who will.

Your doubters will always be there. And the best thing you can do for them (and for you) is to stop worrying about tweaking them. So they can find the person who is the right fit for them.

And free you to support the people – your people – who are simply waiting for you to shine full out … so they can shine full out.






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    • Awesome Sandy! And it sounds like those calls were successful. Couldn’t be happier for you!